The Woodford Guide: Faucets & Parts

     These days the majority of building materials are imported and of poor quality. Woodford Manufacturing Company is different. Products proudly made in USA and repair parts are made for faucets that are no longer in production. So you can feel confident that when you buy faucets from Locke Plumbing that repair parts will be available when you need them. So buy with confidence because Locke Plumbing will be there.


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Woodford faucet parts master parts distributor

     Woodford faucet parts offered by Locke Plumbing are all Factory OEM parts. No part for a faucet we sell is made by another company to ensure that the repair part you receive fits right the first time. Woodford makes their parts available for models of faucets they no longer sell to ensure that if the faucet says Woodford on it it can always be repaired if needed.